Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday Midday July 4 2009 Update

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Miss Chrylser Jeep to run in heat 1A
The U-3 Miss Chrysler Jeep will run in heat 1A at 2:30 eastern time. The Miss Chrysler Jeep will be in lane one as the U-5, by virtual of a faster
qualifying time, chose to start in lane 2. Also in the heat race will be the U-25 and the U-100.
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"Tubby" Returns To The Water

Mike Webster took the U-22 boat, formerly known as "Tubby", to the race course today in Madison. It was the first time in nearly 5 years that the
boat got wet and it sported a new powerplant, now running with a turbine instead of the Allison that used to power it. When they purchased the boat
the hull weighed 9,300 pounds and now it is at 7,700 pounds. Click on the read more tab to see part of the run as well as Mike Webster's reaction
right out of the cockpit.

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Miss Chrysler Jeep Qualifies for Madison

After suffering a burnt piston in testing/qualifying on Friday, driver Jimmy King took to the "Wild" Bill Cantrell course and qualified the
turbocharged Allison at an average speed of 144.557. Click on the read more tab for video of the run and for Jimmy king's reaction.

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Light rain has started coming down from the skies, but unlike other motorsports that race on land, the boats will have no problem with it. In boat
racing we can rain "resurfacing"

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