Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Vic Nelawake Spirit Award

The Vic Nelawake Spirit Award

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The Vic Nelawake Spirit Award recognizes an individual whose voluntary contributions to the sport of Unlimited Hydroplane Racing stand out among all volunteers, having demonstrated the same selfless dedication and inspiring spirit that Vic was known for.

The 2010 nominating committee has selected the 5 nominees:

Bob Senior, Mac Clouse, Lee Hooton, Ginger Jackson, Denny Jackson

All volunteers holding H1 credentials for the season of nomination are eligible to select the honoree through electronic ballot. For this purpose, a “volunteer” is someone who does not receive compensation other than expense reimbursement and per diem allowance.

The Award will be announced at the Annual H1 Awards Banquet, and presented at the Detroit Gold Cup.

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